Annual Compliance of Public Limited

What is Annual compliance for a Public Limited Company mean?

The advantages of a Public limited company such as limited liability of its members, perpetual succession, and ease in raising of funds from public in form of equity or debt, etc.

Within eighteen months from the date of registration or nine months from the date of closing of the financial year, whichever is earlier, the newly incorporated company should hold an Annual General Meeting.

From the second year, AGM should be held within six months from the end of that fiscal year and Annual returns of the company must be filed latest by the end of September every year.

What all are required to be filed in Annual return?

The following things are required to be attached:

  • Company Audited Balance Sheet,
  • Company Audited Profit & Loss Account,
  • Confirmation regarding the situation of Company Registered Office Address
  • Details of Shares and Debentures of the Company.
  • A CS issued Compliance Certificate
  • Current and Previous information of change in shareholding structure of the Company
  • Member's register
  • Maintenance of Registers
  • Details of Debt of the company
  • Management of the Company details
  • Changes in Directorship information
  • Transfers of securities in a financial year details

Do You Have Any Questions?

Yes. Penalty is levied in case of delay or non-filing of the Annual Filing.

Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Director's report, Shareholders details and several other documents are required to be filed with registrar of companies.

Annual return is required to be signed digitally by a Director of the company and a CA/ CS.