NBFC Marketing

What do you mean about Non-Banking Financial Company(NBFC)  Marketing?

Finance Advertising is growing in India. Traditional lenders only provide loans to 6% of the loan application to the Borrowers who are looking for credit. In the fastest growing economies in the world, NBFCs have massive potential.

What happens when the NBFC is opened? In order to lead NBFC depends on the mouth publicity or web aggregators. Still however, reach has not been made to majority of borrowers. Marketing plays an important part in the success of the NBFCs.

Define Demographics Research & Targeting?

Before planning and execution of any marketing campaign it is important to research your demographics. Our team will follow the following procedures:-

  • Learn about your Model of Business

An understanding will be made about your business model. Understand who are the borrowers to whom lending will be made what Interest rates are to be charged and they will also understand the risk category of borrowers you want to serve. Since there are different types of loans from NBFCs in different segments, understanding the business model helps us in very efficient execution.

Learn about standard personality of your customer

Our Team will gain information about your ideal customer. Demographics data like age group, Annual Income, Job Titles, etc are also provided by us.

  • In order to find out right marketing channels, operate a Behavioral Analysis of your customer

After collecting information about the business model and persona of customers, we examine where your customer spends time and how we can reach them via appropriate marketing channels.

  • Find out right look for your business objectives

We can find the right opportunities for your company over time using data and algorithms based on your business model.

  • Give you audience vision based on Business model (Based on Analytical Tools)

On the Basis of the information gathered through the research we share audience insights with data like:

  1. Estimated ability
  2. Conversion cost per unit
  3. Total Monthly wise Budget
  4. On the basis of numbers of Inbound Leads Revenue Forecast

Based on the Research we shall then create NBFC Marketing Plan.

Marketing Plan of Non-Banking Financial Company

The second step is to create a marketing plan based on your budget forecasts, after Data gathering process is completed. This marketing plan will include suggested movements with a breakdown of cost per acquisition (CPA), average rate of burn and churn and a breakdown of analysis. We will also develop a digital marketing plan, including, but not limited to, the business model:

  • Search engine optimisation /Search engine Marketing (SEO/SEM)

Our marketing team uses white hat tactics to rate you in the industry's standard search words in major search engines. This will raise your Organic presence and number of organic leads.

  • Social Media Pages Creation and Promotion  

Social media pages are a great way to employ and listen to customer feedback from potential customers. Our team will create pages on social media and engage your target audience.

  • Display and Search Advertising (PPC)

Our team will organize campaigns to acquire customer form search and display advertising.

  • Campaigns on Remarketing

Remarketing helps in finding out the customers who visited your NBFC website but was not able to convert into a lead; this cost-effective strategy helps to increase Marketing Return on Investment.

  • Content Marketing

Our marketing team will develop compelling content to improve your organic traffic and lead.

  • Influencer Marketing

Our team will build brand awareness and brand evangelism with influencers.

A bulletproof PR and Marketing Strategy will be created by our marketing Team, based on business model. It allows you to increase your NBFC's brand value and develop an entire flow of customers for only a fraction of the cost you pay elsewhere. We can do everything from Marketing to television advertisements.

Our Campaigns for Non-Banking Financial Companies Include:

  • Target Demographics advertisement in Newspaper

Our PR approach involves supplying you with target demographic features and advertising in newspapers. This increases the presence of the brand and the number of leads coming in.

  • Advertisement based on Radio, Television

Our PR strategy includes receiving broad coverage features in Radio and Television when you plan to increase your lending operations.

  • Advertisement based on Billboards and Airlines etc.

Our PR strategy includes receiving broad coverage features in Billboards, Airlines, etc when you plan to increase your lending operations.

Advertisement and Promotions based on Omni-Channel

For increasing your brand value and business size our Marketing team will create and manage advertisement across your chosen verticals.

Target Cost Per Acquisition Optimization

Over the time, to fine-tune your marketing campaigns and lower your Cost per acquisition, information based data and algorithms will be used by our team which will result in higher margins. 

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