Value Chain Management

What does Value Chain Management mean?

Examination of the value chain depends primarily on the economic theories of advantage.

It also allows companies to best serve the business market in which they have a comparative competitive edge compared to their competitors.

To begin the evaluation of the product chain, the organization should continue by defining each part of the production process and describing the measures in which changes can be produced. This will lead to cost savings, improved productivity and a long-term improvement in the company's results.

It includes businesses incorporating tax planning, optimizing opportunities for growth, reducing spending and risk, increasing investment returns and enhancing operational efficiency.

What are the advantages of Value Chain Management?

  • Designing of Budgetary Control system
  • This helps businesses to incorporate tax issues into the business process to increase efficiency and productivity
  • Facilitate effective tax management
  • Allows the Multi National Enterprise to reorganize different functions, resources and liabilities by allowing such a shift in the supply chain that significantly reduces the effective income tax rate
  • The approach is adapted to the specific requirement of the Multi National Enterprise, and enables the MNE to run the company flexibly over a specific period of time.

What are the key characteristics of Value Chain Management?

1. To know how to implement a financial viewpoint on accounting expenses, to understand financial and non-financial accounting data, to promote strategic quality assessment, to incorporate IT to enhance the strategy.

2. To grasp the leadership system, to develop procedures, to synthesize data for decisions on strategic projects, to implement analytical techniques to combat operations and to take decisions on continuous improvement.

3. To understand the market and different marketing strategies in order to create value to consumers and increase the organization's resources and reputation.

Key Services offered by us includes the following:

Taking advantage of the GTPS network, we provide a multidisciplinary approach to the provision of professional tax and business consultancy services:

  • Based on our knowledge of global taxation, industry and experience.
  • Cross-functional practices like transfer pricing problems that could impact the Multi National Enterprise and help develop the supply chain and meet company's overall objectives.
  • We have a group of industry experts specializes in delivering creative and well-defined solutions for each supply chain segment.