TDS Return Filing

What are the steps of filing a TDS return?

TDS refers to Tax Deducted at Source which is introduced by the government in which a person responsible for the payment of salary, dividend, fund or contract payment is required to deposit tax in advance to Government as per income tax slab rate. There are two persons involved in this process, one is deductor who deducts the tax and the other is deductor whose tax is deducted. The deductee receives the net amount of the income i.e. after deduction of TDS. Anyone can do TDS return filing with the help of India Financial Consultancy Corporation Pvt Ltd.

Payee is not required to pay tax unless he presents his employer with proof of investment, and where the total taxable income of the payee does not exceed the taxable limit as defined in the Income Tax Act, 1961.

What do you mean by tax deduction & what is Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN)?

A TAN stands for tax payer identification number which is allotted to a person who is responsible for the deduction of tax. It is an account number which is of a ten digit alphanumerical number. Registration of a TAN number is of utmost importance for corporations to deduct tax at source (TSD) as it is required to mention in TDS return filing. Penalty shall be levied in case of failure to apply for Tax Deduction account number. Businesses are required to file the TDS returns on the quarterly basis to the government.

Tax Identification Number (TIN), which is an eleven digit number is used for the identification of dealers registered under VAT and for constituting the sales between two states.

What does TDS return filing mean?

Such TDS return is required to be submitted to the Income Tax Department on a quarterly basis by the deductor in which the details of the amount on which TDS is deducted and deposited by deductor, Deductor and deductee's Permanent Account Number, TDS challan information regarding the TDS challan shall be mentioned. Various types of TDS forms depending upon the TDS deduction purpose have been prescribed. Every assesses is required to file the TDS return who has deducted TDS on prescribed intervals.

How many types of TDS forms are there?

Below mentioned are the different types of forms prescribed:-

Forms Particulars

Form 24Q

TDS on Salary
Form 26Q TDS on payments other than salary
Form 27EQ Statement of Tax Collection at Source


Form 27A is required to be accompanied with the return statement which is filed on quarterly basis TDS which is a control chart of the quarterly TDS or TCS statements. These are to be filed by those deducting or collecting along with quarterly statements. It's a summary of TDS return filing or TCS returns that are containing the totals of amount that's paid and the income tax that's deducted at source.

What is the procedure to file the TDS return?

You need to register on the NSDL website for filing the TDS return through online mode.

Below mentioned are the steps regarding how to file income tax return through online mode:-

  • The layout of the folder or data structure in which e-TDS and e-TCS returns must be checked.
  • In the format of ASCII with the file extension of .txt, e-filing of TDS return is filed. With the use of return preparation utility which is provided by the NDSL website or by means of any other third party software, e-TCS or e-TDS return filing should be done and prepared.
  • Verification shall be done through the file validation utility or FVU which is also provided by NSDL after the preparation of the file.
  • Errors report shall be provided by the FVU where the file has got any errors. In this case FVU shall be filed again after rectifying the errors.
  • At last the generated file i.e. .fvu, is required to be submitted to TIN-FC and then uploaded to the government income tax e-filing website.

What are the due dates for filing of TDS returns?

Quarter Time Period Due date for filing of TDS Return
Q1 1st April to 30th June 31st July
Q2 1st July to 30th September 31st October
Q3 1st October to 31st December 31st January
Q4 1st January to 31st March 31st May