Global Documentation

What does Global Documentation mean?

Global Documents provides assistance for local & public report specifications and a robust line of choices.

What is all included in Global Documentation?

  • Printing Solutions
  • Solutions which focus on:

    Management which relates to:

    1. Statement Process
    2. Lifecycle
    3. Customer Retention
    4. Information
  • Creation and outsourcing of Documents
  • Printing of Electronic and Commercial
  • Mailing and Fulfillment
  • Services related to Archiving and Storage
  • Services of Financial & Insurances
  • Strategy of Outsourcing and Marketing

Global documentation also includes worldwide management and support which helps the multinational organizations which includes:

  • Management of Workflow
  • Document Management of Document
  • Cost Control and Security
  • Management of Output
  • Technologies of Cloud and Mobile
  • Management of Network

What are the advantages of Global Documentation?

1. Customizing and optimizing

This requires compatibility with the existing platform and software. We may customize computer software to easy navigation, building system shortcuts to eliminate the measures needed to complete the tasks.

2. Implementation Services

This allows the company to create and build the most efficient compatible network tools for enterprises.

It also provides secure approaches for installing both hardware and software resources to defend the network from external threats.

3. Comprehensive Training

This aims to provide preparation for streamlined change management which provides specific end-user learning which allows staff to use the full functionality of the system and technology as well as tracking and handling consumables in the product region.

4. Support related to Hardware and Software

This offers hardware and software oversight to ensure the firmware remains maintained throughout the consumer lifecycles, sophisticated remote management services to check on system utilization level, consumables and other important information.

5. Other Consultancy Services

It allows companies with professional skills to improve existing technologies and to build specialized business processes that help tackle unique data imaging and workflow needs

Key services offered by us includes the following:

1)Offer additional guidance in the preparation of key documentation processes which could be used internationally and also mentor the supporting documentation required in a specific country. It contributes to making rational choices and helps reduce enforcement with overall costs.

2)We provide an established professional team which advises the TP documentation requirements to be implemented and updated.

3)Our team is composed of a regional professional network that provides expert expertise from the relevant local jurisdictions to help meet international reporting requirements.