Joint Venture Agreement

What do you mean by Joint Venture Agreement?

A joint venture agreement is a framework where the mutual benefit of two or more firms creates a separate entity. It is known to share resources, money, workers, and facilities. Therefore, a joint venture contract is entered into by a group of individuals / corporations to do business with each other by partnering together for a specific project that is legally enforceable. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is normally entered before the Joint Venture Contract is signed into.

What are the benefits of Joint Venture Agreement?

Expertise: This contract benefits the organization which may or may not be willing to invest in the development of its own expertise.

Company can enter into new businesses and may even exit from the secondary business through such Joint Venture with less financial commitment if such company wishes to do so own its own.

No loss to existing entity: There is no dependence of the company on the venture as it still remains independent and separate from the venture with a joint venture agreement.

Profit with minimum cost: Since Joint Venture is less costly and profitable, so it becomes easy for the small scale enterprises to adopt this agreement for the completion of a certain tasks or a project      .

What are the steps of executing the Joint Venture Agreement?

  • A qualified professional from our department will get in touch with you and will explain you the entire process and the objective of Vendor Agreement.
  • Sample vendor agreement shall be drafted by the lawyer after setting the objectives of the same.
  • You will be sent the draft Seller Agreement for review.
  • It generally takes around 3-4 working days.

More than one company or entities that represent their parties come together and agreed to share their resources in order to complete a particular project or a task. Such services may be supervision, engineering, experience, human resources or in relation to the contacts or popularity of one of the companies that, in effect, may help certain joint ventures with it along with its established name on the sector.

What is the requirement of Joint Venture Agreement?

Selecting the right company is the crucial part to execute the Joint Venture Projects, as where company selected turn out to be the a wrong one then the company shall be required to step into a market alone and even may turn the whole idea of starting the business to nothing, taking it back to square one. Therefore, one should know what they are missing and it is secure and prudent to have such an arrangement with either a firm already formed or a number of smaller, reputable firms who can provide you with advice on their experience and expertise. These other businesses are the links that you keep one after the other to step forward in a market flow.

What is the business purpose of Joint Ventures?

The Joint Venture Agreement is financial or resource-based, typically negotiated for 5 – 7 years, which is a short-term agreement, but if the holders prosper, they can mutually choose to prolong the arrangement and reap mutual benefits and development. This begins with a plan of policy, when you have the resources to offer to other business partners, you could discuss the Partnership Arrangement.

Nevertheless, even if you don't have the financial resources, assets or any external basis to provide, you could still have a joint venture partnership by agreeing to other aspects such as experience, knowledge, workability, decision-making and problem-solving skills. One can enter into a joint venture arrangement even on the basis of their skills, where the company gets the advantages of physical resources from others, while you and your people simply go into work, so this could also be one of the ways of a joint venture agreement.

Why Do We Need A Joint Venture Agreement?

There are many explanations to enter into a Joint Venture Arrangement. Several people are trying to save their cash by missing this phase, but it's very necessary. In any event, understand the reasons why you should have a legally valid arrangement before you do so. You are entering into a joint agreement for a purpose; you are making investments in a project, sharing responsibilities and risks, and dividing the rewards. The Joint Venture Agreement is the framework on which you will develop your marketable strategy and perform the tasks you want to perform. You are required to draw up, investigate and settle upon before entering into the agreement of the Joint Venture.