Change In Directors

What do you mean by Change in Directors?

Every company is required to maintain a minimum number of Directors/Designated partners, which are 2 in the case of a Private Company, 3 in the case of a Public Company, 1 in the case of a One Person Company, and 2 in the case of a Limited Liability Partnership.

A company can have a maximum number of 15 Directors, which can be increased only by passing a special resolution. Many times, there are reasons to add or remove directors from a company.

First step, in adding or removing a director, is to obtain the Director's Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) and then Director's Identification Number (DIN) is allotted to them which is compulsory to be a director in India.

By passing the ordinary resolution, directors can be removed by the shareholders in the General Meeting. Also, a director can be removed before the completion of his term provided that reasonable opportunity of being heard shall be provided to him.

Important Points:

  • All directors are required to apply for Director Identification Number (DIN) by specified form.
  • The requirement of minimum number of directors in a company should be maintained.
  • The director must be an adult that is at least 18 years of age.