Nidhi Company Software

What is Nidhi Company?

It is generally a firm which falls under the non-banking finance sectors and the administration of such companies is controlled by the Central Government. Authorization regarding giving direction or orders related to the matters of acceptance of deposits is granted by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). Encouraging the lending process between the members of the company is the main rudimentary business of Nidhi Company.

What are its main Objectives?

  • Encouraging the habit of saving among people.
  • The main motive of such companies is to Lend money and receiving deposits from its members.

What the Nidhi company software is all about?

  • Nidhi Company's Software offers the classiest and most configured tool for controlling all types of business activities within the company.
  • Such software is totally online web-based and offers automated framework with a central banking system.
  • Software contains very detailed and streamlined parts of the company's accounting practices.
  • Such Software helps in simplifying the business operations, rendering strategic choices more efficient and sensitive.
  • Such software also helps in curtailing the hours of day to day performance and administrative tasks.
  • The software will regularly supervise and keep up-to-date on new technological innovations and customer needs.

What are the characteristics of Nidhi Company Software possesses?

  • As it is a online web based software which can be accessed by the different branch for banking application
  • It is a User-friendly software and functional with user drivers operations
  • Easy availability of said reports format
  • Facility of exporting the data to other various formats such as Ms. Word. Ms excels is provided which makes the reports customized and user-defined.
  • Reports are viewed on the screen and can be printed.
  • Tools regarding the Membership management, Operational Accounts, Term Deposits management are provided.
  • Obtaining details of loans and advances Standing Instructions, Cash Transaction of entity becomes easy through this software.
  • There is readily availability of Trial Balance, General Ledger accounts & Financial Statements.
  • M.I.S, Initialization, and configuration
  • System Administration, Enrolment Fee Report can be viewed
  • Reports regarding the late fees and application fees can be viewed.
  • Modular design with proper implementation to ensure trouble-free service without unnecessary complications.
  • Excellent security of operations carried out by the firm is ensured in this software which is very essential for financial transactions.
  • Comprehensiveness in coverage - a feature absolutely necessary to meet all requirements.
  • Hassle-free usage is ensured by the software that makes it User-Friendliness.
  • Strong mobility of expandability and upgradeability. The program is used by corporations and can quickly be extended to cover further things if required.
  • Control of transactions with built-in checks and balances along with authorization procedures, etc.
  • Reduction of the range of information manipulation.
  • The design of such software is such that which can be worked in network environment which enables the user to access the information & update the data simultaneously.
  • Such software possesses the capacity for handling high and large volumes of transactions without any hassle.