EPC Projects, O&M Accounting & Administration

EPC / Projects / O&M Accounting

Do your suppliers receive their payments on time and send supplies as and when needed? Did you face with problems of incomplete / lack of accounting documentation on pages that delay the processing of your fee? Whether it's your EPC / Project site or O&M site, our on-site accountant will deal with all the problems and complete your accounting in hours.

EPC / Projects / O&M Accounting Assistance

We send our accountants to locations that are familiar with site operations / challenges and help complete all documentation such as invoices, waybills, inspection reports, challans, etc. These are also responsible for all site expenses, budgeting, cash disbursements, payroll, attendance, MIS, etc.

EPC / Projects / O&M Administration

Could you handle site requirements such as diesel labor building tools, equipment or other services? Are your site resources such as site charges technicians, project managers or other workers, facing the difficulties of lodging, food and transport? Since most EPC / O&M projects are located in remote areas, you need an administrator to help organize and manage these bases but to support your core business with essential requirements.

EPC / Projects / O&M Administration Assistance

We deploy an experienced site management specialist who arranges / manages these site specifications efficiently in accordance with the blueprint or predefined project plan. This resource minimizes wastage of resources by creating a log of use and buffer stock. This prevents any delays caused by material / labour / other resources shortages.