Business Plan Consulting

Business Plan Consulting

When you start a new business or plan to enter a new field of business, proper research is required. A proper business plan is always recommended.

The investment package of any start-up will depend on the business plan submitted to the investors. A successful business plan lays the foundation for securing potential lenders ' investments.

Developing a perfect business plan, however, is an extensive process that requires a great deal of time and research. Space that businessmen do not have because they are engaged in product development, market analysis and prospective partners recognition.

Our team understands this and offers the much-needed professional assistance in the creation of business plans. So you can focus on what you do best.

Business plan

Business plan is a structured report that clearly outlines the company's main goals and objectives along with organizational structure, leadership and key policies to achieve these goals.

It is essentially a guide to manage and develop your company. One might doubt the value of the business plan, but it supports the company in various ways, including during its formative phase:

  • Attracting potential investors and attracting funds
  • Check the business idea's viability
  • To prepare the business flow expected, manageable and effective, etc.

Business Plan is Required. Why?

Several dispute the business plan necessity. Yet, it's the best way for potential investors to express your vision and convince them to invest in your ambitions. Preparing a proper business plan requires comprehensive market research, extensive marketing strategies, and target audience recognition, personnel, barriers, and targets.

The following points should be kept in mind when designing a business plan of an organisation:

  • Business plan aligns the management team with a strategy for performing a specific business operation.
  • Test the business plan's viability.
  •  Ensure that the project is realistic and represents the strategy for achieving it. Because it's a selling report created to draw professional investors.

Why do you Choose Us?

  • Experienced  and senior service Consultants at all levels

The group of senior consultants is the outcome of our quality services. They have extensive experience in various industries. We have consumer insight and understanding and develop effective proposals with realistic and achievable objectives.

  • Customized Business Plans

Only after recognizing your business requirements, we build personalized products. We only work on it after having an insight into the dream of our customer and planning unique products.

  •  Best Strategic Consultancy

Only after recognizing your business requirements, we build personalized products. We only work on it after having an insight into the dream of our customer and planning unique products.

  • Extensive Market Research

We just focus on the practical implementation of your proposals and their growth prospects in the coming years after comprehensive market research.

  •  Effective cost management

The services are cost efficient. We provide very competitive rates for quality services. Our business plans in the market are well regarded and therefore the costs are justified.

  • Get Investors to Notice/ Results Driven

Our offerings in the industry are widely recognized. The plans give investors a fair chance to remember you. We cover the part of the report so you can focus on the part of business management.

  • Growth Strategy Implementation

Our aid reaches far beyond the creation of business plans. We support you from business registration, compliances and brand building in the actual implementation.

  • Excellent Quality

Through refining your ideas and business strategies, we deliver quality products and services and transform it all into a viable business.

A Sound Business Plan’s key elements

It is essential that all the important facts and strategies are covered in it to make an effective business plan. If the project is lacking in any aspect, the potential professional investors won't get the focus. The key elements to be considered during the design of a business plan are as follows:

Brief view of your business: It is necessary to provide a brief summary of the company at the start of the business plan. This brief view shall include:

  1. Business process
  2. summary of goods or services made available
  3. Prospective Market share
  4. Requirement of investment
  5. Operational Strategy
  6. Marketing tools and planning

A brief summary is to be given after this brief description to wrap it all up.

Analysis of Market: Until joining any sector, evaluating the target market, its future growth prospects, is the most important part. This will provide insight into the viable prospects and potential threats. The business plan is being built with all this in mind and approaches to overcome any problems that may arise.

Key Competitors: Identifying the rivals in the market is wise. It is best to consider the competition before you enter new company (current as well as prospective future ones). An assessment of their market share must be carried out to determine the profitability of your products after launch.

Management: The business plan should include the business team that will work on the part of such project being enforced. This team is going to include the:

  1. Founders/developers
  2. Directors
  3. Experienced  management
  4. Key officers /key managerial persons

Each section includes a detailed description of their work experience, training, accomplishments. And how will they contribute to the business plan's implementation?

Business Model: After all the original and basic sections have been covered. Preparing a business model that demonstrates the scope of the job and thorough details of:

  • Revenue Sources- It cover all from sales, advertising, rental income etc.
  • Cost Structure- It include Inventory requirement, salary cost, maintenance, rent etc.
  • List of all suppliers and distributors

Budget Requirement: The business plan shall clearly state the requirement  of total fund. Since this project is intended to draw potential investors, it is important to evaluate all costs and explain the need for such funds in the plan itself.

Financial estimations: The business plan should include a projective analysis of the company's profit-and-loss, balance sheet and cash-flow. This will be a prediction of what from such investment is expected. This section contains the reference to the break-even point, i.e. the amount of revenue needed to recover the initial investment..

Cash Flow position: Every start-up is very important to maintain a perfect cash flow. The need for cash flow would depend on the nature of the activities carried out. The distinction between productivity and cash flow management must be understood.