TP Planning, Documentation and Assistance in Compliances

What does Transfer Pricing Planning, Documentation and assistance in Compliances?

Most international corporations are increasing their size of related party payments, allowing them to strengthen their supply chains. This has expanded cross-border partnerships between the tax authorities, which come with incentives and threats.

Transfer pricing payments require proper standard enforcement, which will result in fines. in order to prevent these fines, tax payers will carry out, in a sensible manner, an idea of self-compliance which is itself a complicated task in cross-border transactions of this kind. In such a scenario, our group of experts would be directed by the following services:

Our Services includes the following:

1. Assessment of potential adjustments and penalties

To truly grasp the coverage to transfer pricing changes, aid to mitigate fines and help implement reporting standards.

2. Transfer Pricing Policy

Our team of experts can coordinate a global transfer pricing approach and streamline results by assigning assets, functions and risks to specific jurisdictions.

3. Benchmark Analysis

Ascertain target profitability based on the proposed scenario for the use of proprietary database data

4. Valuation of Intangibles

To determine the value of intangibles of related parties

5. Synchronous Documentation

Assistance to conform with the Treasury Regulations to minimize the risk of a transfer pricing change in order to prevent the future calculation of penalties

6. Dispute Resolution

Act on behalf of the tax payer during the transfer pricing assessments, agreement of the Advance Price Agreements, arrangement and delivery of requests with the relevant authorities to mitigate the possibility of double taxation.