NBFC Software

NBFC Software

We believe in the ideal use of technology in any company. Technology can disrupt the traditional banking players. Majority of existing players of NBFC in the banking sector are unfriendly with technology as it consists of high cost of operation. The progress of the Indian banking system depends on how we use technology for business.

India Financial Consultancy Corporation Pvt Ltd has multiple Loan Management Software and ERP. The NBFC Software and ERP that we use are for Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) which descends the overall cost of workforce, improves the client satisfaction, and handle loan issues, the overall management of the process of lending.

How is NBFC Software Productive?

Technology can transform lives and solve problems at a broad level. We bring innovative technology to traditional businesses. For instance, Industries such as Uber has brought visibility and transparency to traditional business processes.

We develop Custom NBFC Software

Loan Scheme Management: You can calculate Rate of Interest with ease and create/ modify plans as per needs of your business through loan scheme management system.

Loan Management

  • Online Application for checking eligibility
  • Calculation of Equated monthly installments (EMI)
  • Credit evaluation
  • System to manage documents (Customer Master data, documents and files)
  • CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited) Integration
  • Management of Business Policies
  • System for Approvals
  • Total management of disbursement
  • Automated EMI collection (ESC, Recovery & Follow-ups)
  • Due Date Alert (automatic SMS / CALL)
  • Customer Dashboard facility to check the status of the loan, Schedule of EMI, re-pay loan details
  • List of Defaulters
  • Post-dated Cheques detail
  • Report of Enrollment Fee
  • Report of Application Fee
  • Report of Late Fee
  • Report of Commission Pay
  • Spot Booking Expenditure

Loan Servicing Software Activities

  • Management of Employee
  • Management of Multiple Branch
  • Management of EMI Collection
  • Modifiable Rate Mortgages
  • Escrow and Impound / Tax and Insurance Accounting.
  • Investor Participation
  • Tracking, Reporting and Servicing
  • Management of Automatic Task and Report
  • Services related to Commercial Loan
  • Automobile Loan Servicing and Dealer Reserves

Business intelligence tools

  • View Agent
  • View Customer
  • Report of Branch Collection
  • Report of Branch Business
  • Enrollment Fee Report
  • Report of Application Fee
  • Late Fee Report
  • Report of Commission Pay
  • Report of Salary
  • Report of Recovery
  • All in one business dashboard