IPO Support

What does IPO Support mean?

It is considered as an essential step for the unlisted companies when it goes public in order to pursue future growth in the business as a result getting listed helps in accessing to the capital markets to procure funds directly. This will allow the organization to boost its financial position, reputation and prestige, as well as its ability to recruit skilled human resources.

India Financial Consultancy Corporation Pvt Ltd provides services of a CFO as an advisor to the management and the owners of the organization functioning as an independent financial officer thereby providing assistance relating to complete IPO process. Thereafter the services like undertaking public company compliances shall also be provided. In the process of pre and post IPO, India Financial Consultancy Corporation Pvt Ltd, helps in providing an efficient team of experienced advisers for appropriate steps required in IPO support, to meet a diverse range of clients’ needs.

Complete Assessment and Identification of Advisors

Upon the beginning of the IPO planning, a full evaluation is carried out to evaluate the company's business, financial position and management process. Proper identification and choice of legal advisers, investment bankers, advocates, tax auditors, registrars, accountants, etc. is therefore important for a company to have a successful IPO.

Due Diligence

Due diligence in the IPO system is a comprehensive and most important process involving time-consuming aspects, including legal, business, financial and accounting due diligence. It therefore includes the compilation and validation of all the material information needed for the IPO process to be carried out.

Financial Forecast

Sensitivity testing is being prepared to produce a detailed financial prediction framework for investors, bankers and financial advisors. Simplifying of the roles for the financial forecasting cycle is also carried out.

Assistance in Documentation

From a management point of view, the documentation are required to made ready as businesses should have a strong base in the implementation of the IPO.

Investor Presentations

Complete assistance is given as stakeholders play the most important part in the IPO process and the effect on them should be constructive and persuasive.

Investors Road Show

Investor road shows are a method of presentation by the issuer of securities to prospective purchasers, and assistance in the issue of securities by displays, tags, planned acts, etc. is given for an effective road show.