Patent search

Brief Explanation of Patent Search

Right of making, using, modifying, selling, offering for sale or importing newly invented articles or processes after going through with prescribed criteria of patentability search by its owner or inventor. Patent Search grants ownership for a period of 20 years.

What are the advantages of Patent Search?

Monopoly advantage

Patent provides the monopoly and competitive advantage to the owner.


Royalty is received

Sell Patent

Sell or licensed the patent right anytime.

Worldwide recognition

Worldwide recognition of patent shall be received by the owner.

Raising capital

It helps in raising the capital for performance of business activities and creation of business.

What is the process of Patent Search?

Patentability Search on the basis of

  • Novelty/Uniqueness
  • Non-obviousness
  • Industrially Applicable
  • Feasible to general public

Patent Application Drafting

  • Provisional Specification
  • Complete Specification

Specification Publication and Examination

Publication and Examination of Specification


Objection Proceedings to Patent Grant including Anticipation of previous application

Patent Grant

Grant of Patent

Do You Have Any Questions?

Provisional Specification as well as Complete Specification should be filed at the early stage of research and invention i.e. filing the Patent application should be the first priority.

Following details must be included in the Complete Specification:

  1.  Invention Title
  2. Area/Field in which something is invented
  3. Summary
  4. Invention’s Description
  5. Diagrams, Drawings, Sketches’ Detailed description (if involved)
  6. Sample Examples
  7. Abstracts

An employee who is generating the intellectual property of the company shall file the patent application on his own name in case there is no other agreement with the company regarding the same.

The process of defending your patent in other than the home country can be done through PATENT COOPERATION TREATY (PCT).